Grab this great opportunity
to learn graphic and website design from one of the best.

You will learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere online!

Get detailed video instructions on how to create logos, business cards, letterheads, invoices and receipts, flyers and posters, magazines, brochures and newsletters. You will also learn easy ways to build lovely professional websites.

These courses are suitable and useful for everyone: students, the self employed business owners or employees looking to gain IT skills.


About 15 well detailed videos of trainings. The instructor’s adept attention to details makes the videos extremely easy to understand – so easy you can sign kids up for the training.

Because practice makes perfect, the training is carried out in a way that you will be given tasks to perform after each lesson, with direct access to the instructor for guidance

You are free to organize a one-on-one meeting with the instructor via WhatsApp, Zoom or Google Meet at a time convenient for both of you

You get  access to more resources that will help you learn more, including recommendations.

We will regularly upload new videos and materials to teach new techniques used in the design industry

Depending on the package of your choice, you also get FREE one year website domain and hosting account with emails and SSL certificate when you sign up for the web design course.

You get a certificate at the end of your training. There are also job opportunities, recommendations or referrals for participants with impressive grades. 


Abaolu is a highly motivated, confident and creative genius. He is versatile in practically all the design and multimedia packages in the graphics/media/web industry. He is one graphic/website designer who evolves in skills and creativity by the second.

Abaolu worked for a few companies both within and outside Nigeria before he eventually established Abaolu D&E; a company that renders quality design and printing services for individuals and organizations both within the private and public sectors globally.

He has got almost twenty years experience in Graphic and Website Designs.